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We All Need Our Tires Reinflated

I had just walked off the golf course two weeks ago wondering where my golf game went wrong. I have played golf for more than 40 years, yet I could not hit a golf ball straight for 18 holes. I kept asking my golfing partners for tips throughout the golf round to help me resurrect my game, yet nothing worked.

When I got home, I did what I always have done when my golf game left me in the past; I reviewed Harvey Penick’s Little Red Video. After watching and re-watching important fundamentals of a good golf swing, I felt confident I knew what needed to be done. Sure enough, in my next golf round, I improved dramatically.

As leaders, we too can fall into bad habits. We can unintentionally take our team members' efforts for granted. We can even quickly blame others when things go wrong versus looking in the mirror and asking, “What could I have done differently?”

So today, I recorded a 3-minute video to remind leaders of the little things that can go wrong when we fail to execute the fundamentals of leadership.

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