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Thank You for Being a Horrible Boss

The worst boss I ever had was a guy named Dick Jones. People often ask me if it was his real name. Well, maybe, maybe not. We all knew a "Dick Jones" at one time or another.

When he passed away, I drove 7 hours to his funeral just to make sure he was in that casket. Just kidding. He was a good man, but just in the wrong position.

Often, I ask supervisors and managers, "Would you rather train people and see them leave or not train people and see them stay?" Dick Jones was a boss who practiced management without a license.

As I got older, I subconsciously forgave him for being a bad boss. He just didn't know - what he didn't know. Today, I'm thankful for Dick Jones; he provided a perfect model of what not to do. What was that?

Click play to take my quick quiz: Are you a Dick Jones?

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