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It’s so Hard to Find Good People These Days

Leaders, how many times have you thought or said, "It's so hard to find good people these days?" If you answered more than zero, you might not be a big fan of this blog, but I encourage you to keep reading. I always say that to be a good leader, you have to like people, and you have to like problems, but you also have to have an open mind. Perhaps it is so hard to find good people these days, or…

Perhaps when you, as the leader, are training the employee on the new change, you are not communicating why a step needs to be done. Thus, leaving it up to the employee to figure out.

Perhaps you are using the "Sink or Swim" method to train an employee on the new change.

Perhaps, you're asking, "Do you have any questions?" to ensure comprehension. Yet, the employee does not ask any questions for fear of looking dumb or stupid.

Perhaps the leader (yes, we're still talking about you here) relies on a superstar to do the training. The superstar lacks the patience for mistakes. The superstar uses words and phrases the new employee has never heard. The superstar has a secret agenda, "Look how bright I am and look how dumb you must feel."

Perhaps you're not helping the employee learn from their mistakes. Are you just doing it on behalf of the employee because it is easier and faster for you to do it?

Perhaps you're not inspecting the work of the employee. If you're not following up, the employee will feel like a silo and do their best only to, most likely, have you eventually stop by an hour later and say, "This is not what I wanted; I should have done it myself."

Perhaps the leader (yes, you again) does not recognize the employee for doing a good job because it is already in their paycheck.

Perhaps you do not have the courage to confront the people not doing it on behalf of the people who are doing it.

Perhaps we have a leader who is practicing management without a license.

Perhaps "It is so hard to find good leaders these days."

Yes, we're still talking about you, the leader, here.

Now, I've got good news, and I've got bad news. The bad news is that if you are guilty of any of these, your team, your effectiveness, and your bottom line are taking a hit. The good news is that leaders are made, not born, and you can learn the skills to become an effective leader, improve relationships, and meet the expectations of your team and management.

Regardless of your leadership level, my newly released digital courses will give you the insight and actionable tools to become an effective leader. My Fundamentals of Supervision digital course helps supervisors, managers, and executives grow themselves, their teams, and profits. I will help you solve REAL problems and learn REAL approaches that you can apply instantly across all generations.

My Leadership for Leads digital course is for team leads, not yet in a supervisory role. As a team lead, what got you promoted or helped make a name for yourself, is of little help when you are asked to get work done through others. This course will supply you with a new set of skills needed to succeed as a lead!

Leaders Are MADE, Not Born!

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