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If You Are Not Moving Forward You Are Moving Backward

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In early November 2021, while driving to deliver a presentation on change management to a client in Minneapolis, one of my biggest customers (from a medical association) called me with an inquiry. The HR professional, Jennifer, wanted to know if I had any digital videos on supervision and management. I responded, “I am so sorry, but I do not. The timing is just not right for me to be doing on-demand videos.” To be seen as a problem solver, I asked, “Would supervised webinars be helpful?” She replied nicely, “Thanks, but I think my leaders would benefit more from on-demand videos because they could watch and re-watch the content.” I thanked her for considering me and soon turned my attention to focusing on my change management presentation that was to be delivered in less than one hour.

While presenting my change management topic earlier that afternoon, I asked the audience, “Why is change happening at such a fast rate?” Quickly, an attendee shouted, “Technology!” I thanked them for the reply and said, “Technology is a factor, but your customer is the one pushing change at this rapid pace. Your customer is one day away from being entirely happy with what you are doing.” I even added, “The pandemic essentially vaulted us five years into the future.” I concluded, “Working from home was a wish for many workers, but the pandemic forced organizations to transition quickly to working from home to increase our safety and meet our customer’s demands.” I then quoted World Famous Leadership Consultant Peter Drucker, “Every three years, every product, every process should be put on trial for life; otherwise, your competition will pass you by.”

When I completed the Drucker quote, I had an epiphany. Peter Drucker was referring to me! Organizations that do not quickly adapt to their customers’ needs will soon fall behind. Not to jump to conclusions too quickly about developing digital courses, that evening I quickly researched my competition to see if they had gone digital. Not surprisingly, many had done so. As I reviewed the feedback from my change management presentation the next day, an attendee’s constructive feedback hit me right between the eyes. “John, awesome presentation. So many takeaways I wanted to share with my colleagues, but it was impossible to retain all the information.”

I hear you loud and clear! This spring, I will be going digital with my popular Fundamentals of Supervision and Leadership for Team Leads training programs! Let me explain how my digital course can help you retain all the information and boost your investment return from those precious training dollars.

  1. You get to watch (and re-watch) the content. What’s that expression, “The motor to all learning is repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition!”

  2. With four camera angles, you will feel the energy and engagement.

  3. The training program is on-demand; therefore, you learn at your own pace.

  4. You will get tip sheets from each session, helping you remember the vital points.

  5. You will get a “To Do” list to help you apply your knowledge long after each session has ended.

  6. Finally, as an added option, you can arrange for group or individual virtual coaching sessions with me to ask questions, hypotheticals, or simply share the benefits of applying one’s knowledge.

Just trying to Help Leaders Grow Themselves, Their Team, and Profits!

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