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Still Gratifying, Even After 34 Years

As a seasoned leadership trainer, speaker, and author for the past 34 years, I often get asked, "What motivates me today?" The answer is simple. There is no more gratifying experience than recognizing a student's "ah ha" moments—the moment of sudden realization, inspiration, or comprehension of an important point. 


I had an experience last week with an HR professional who I have known for many years. She sent me an email asking for some interviewing questions I would suggest if I were interviewing for a manager. I suggested the following questions: 


  1. As a leader, how would you follow up with an employee who lodged a complaint against a fellow employee? How would you let them know that you have investigated the complaint without divulging any information? 


  1. What would you do if your leader did nothing when you complained to them about the performance of a problem employee? 


  1. What would you do if a team member complained about another team member's performance? 


  1. How would you handle an employee complaint that you cannot witness yourself? 


  1. How would you guard against a team member retaliating against those who lodged a complaint about their behavior? 


  1. How would you address a situation when a past leader did not hold others accountable, but you are being asked to do so as a new manager? 


  1. How would you deal with an employee displaying abrasive behavior? 


  1. What would you do if a co-manager you work closely with undermines you? 


  1. How would you deal with a team member who is easily offended or sensitive? 


Within 24 hours, I received an email from the HR professional. She noted she found the questions extremely insightful and beneficial. In fact, she wondered if her current staff of HR generalists, leads, supervisors and managers would know how to answer many of the questions. 


I replied that I would be concerned if your current leadership staff could not answer these questions since these situations happen daily in the workplace. These are just a small sample of questions I took from my most popular presentation, Managing Critical Conversations


She replied, "Ah ha, I never connected the dots on how one could use job interviewing questions as a training vehicle to help leaders deal with the most difficult situations they face every day in the workplace."  


"Ah ha," still so gratifying, even after 34 years. 


Leaders Are MADE, Not Born. 

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