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What Will John Do?

 “The principles you’ll walk away with have been proven in real-world experience.  They're practical, and they come straight from the daily battles of working with employees and leaders”

 – Colton O., Reliance

A message from John Graci, President & CEO of Graci Leadership Solutions


Leaders aren't born…they are made. When a baby is born, they do not say a leader is born. They say it is a girl!, It's a boy!, They never say it is a leader.


I have been called the “Professor of Common Sense” for a reason. I firmly believe, my frank talk and unvarnished truth telling will lead to greater profits. I give leaders permission to focus on maximizing their team’s performance, without the academic wackiness and theories.


A business opens its doors to provide a product or service that meets a demand at a profit. Yet, you sit through some seminars and training classes these days the word “profit” does not appear or if it does, it may come across as dirty word.


Leadership is an intervention. It requires leaders everyday if they see something they like or dislike-to say something! Leaders, to be unclear with people on how they are doing is to be unkind to people. If you are not coaching unproductive behaviors and performances - you are allowing these same behaviors to attack your bottom line. Leaders have an obligation to help under achievers meet expectations and become profitable on behalf of the people who are profitable.


As a battled scarred veteran, who is “Real” and delivers advice from a bloodied nose experience and not ivory tower theory, I pour myself into every presentation or training session. I give everything I have - because I know an engaged mind is a learning mind. I enjoy teaching, I enjoy seeing the light go off above someone's head! I enjoy persuading people to do things differently in order to make their life easier.


As a widely requested presenter and trainer for 20+ years, I have been speaking to audiences, ranging from team members, to all levels of management about topics that promote leadership, encourage communication, motivate teams and inspire groups.


Whatever we decide on, I guarantee you it will be high-energy, filled with ideas to immediately apply, and it will be fun. If you want your leaders to lead more effectively, and your team members to be more empowered to see more results, give me a call today!


Don’t forget! Leadership is an intervention! It takes courage to be a leader!



Leaders Are MADE,

Not Born!

What Your Employees Always Wanted to Tell You, 


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