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For more than 25 years, leadership speaker, author, and trainer John Graci has helped 300,000+ leaders and 2,000+ businesses achieve meaningful results. As seen on CNN, John’s sense of humor, charisma and passion blend nicely with his pragmatic style. Practical and entertaining, John’s time-tested techniques provide nuggets of wisdom and in-the-trenches solutions for employees of all generations.


Leadership for Leads

This 9 session webinar series is for leaders who are not supervisors, but who are being asked to get work and decisions done through other people. This series will give you the confidence and specific actions you can use to master effective communication, provide powerful feedback for better results, how to excel at employee recognition, and so much more!

Fundamentals of Supervision

This 26 session webinar series is for supervisors, managers, and directors who are being asked to apply many of the fundamentals of leadership. Each session is jam-packed with actionable tips you can apply instantly to improve relationships, increase efficiency, and grow profits!


Leaders Are MADE, Not Born!

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