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Virtual Meetings

The widespread popularity of a virtual conference, webinars, and online coaching has changed the business world. Graci Leadership Solutions, LLC can lend support! 


Virtual meetings don’t have to be seen as a waste of time.  In fact, they can be more valuable than traditional face-to-face meetings. Why? They are inexpensive! No travel costs to get people together and they provide a great opportunity to build trust and candor among team members. 


To ensure people stay engaged, the planners of virtual events and hybrid events need a professional presenter who can inform, motivate and entertain. John Graci has more than 25 years of experience creating engaging content and delivery of presentations for both virtual and in-person audiences. 


All keynote speaking and training curriculum can be delivered virtually! John Graci can deliver the connection, motivation and continuing education that a quality meeting provides. 

Need help unlocking the full potential of your virtual meetings?

"Hi John, thank you for delivering an awesome presentation of The Gray Zone; It’s Not WHO is Right-But WHAT is Right in the workplace. You easily went above and beyond the typical corporate sterile virtual meeting we all have experienced. Your energy, commitment, expertise, content and call to action was contagious and amazing. "

– Objective Wealth Management


Leaders Are MADE,

Not Born!

What Your Employees Always Wanted to Tell You, 


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