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Making Change Happen!

Change is inevitable. Yet we dread it, resist it and do everything to prevent it. Upon communicating change to employees, did you ever hear: "When is management going to understand it is the real world down here?" How about, "If my boss would just get off my back and let me do my job, everything would be okay!" or, "Why can't they leave well enough alone?" Restoring productivity and profitability with employees hit by organizational change takes skills. Change damages trust level and drives morale south. You can’t afford to just sit back, let nature takes its course and hope everyone will get on board and eventually work together as an effective unit. The biggest mistake companies commit is doing nothing to help enhance change acceptance. This program has been designed to help attendees keep the workforce engaged and overcome employee resistance, so the organization can accelerate the entire change process.

Bud to a Boss: Transitioning to a Leader

Making the transition to a supervisor can be a difficult adjustment. As an employee, just because you were good at doing the job does not mean you are going to be good at getting it done through others. Successfully adjust to the changing expectations of your boss, peers and subordinates by knowing what is expected of you. Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader? Learn to avoid some of the most common pitfalls leaders face every day. Don’t waste time on trial and error. This practical program has been designed to give you all the information you need to make the jump smoother from an employee to leader.

Leaders, Are your Employees Running You or are You Running Them?

Effective empowerment and delegation is one of the most valuable skills a leader can master. Many leaders gained their positive reputation in an organization because they were good at doing their previous position. Once promoted, what helped them gain that positive reputation is of little help when they are now judged on getting work done through other employees. Leaders, take control to learn to effectively empower and delegate so you can do your job - maximize employee performance and profits.

Resolving Generational Differences in the Workplace

Every generation has a valid point of view. It's not "out with the old, in with the new." It is about creating an environment where five generations can work side-by-side. This program has been designed to convey in practical terms an understanding of how organizations can identify and bridge the gaps that could have significant bottom line effects on business performance. The program illustrates who the generations are, why they clash, and what everyone can do to bridge the gaps. This fast paced and real-world program will create awareness, and offer practical solutions for solving the generational issues that plague today’s workplace and marketplace.

Sustainable Employee Motivation: 25 Years of Practical Wisdom from the Trenches

Motivation is the fuel that feeds employee productivity. Without it, nothing gets done accurately or on time. This program is designed to show leaders how executing the fundamentals of leadership greatly impacts the motivational choices employees make to work faster, harder and smarter. Conversely, this program will show leaders the unintended consequences of choosing not to execute their job description. Leaders must understand that employees need a reason to come to work and bring their best performance. That reason has to be more than a paycheck. If not, leaders run the risk of creating “paycheck employees,” or “transactional employees,” who only perform work they are paid for; nothing more, and nothing less. What does this mean for today’s leaders? Lost productivity, lackluster customer service (if employees don’t care about their work, they won’t care about customers) low morale, and ultimately lower profits.

Why Don’t Employees Perform as Expected?

Look, every leader gets stuck with difficult employees from time to time - employees who whine, challenge authority, miss deadlines and generally make coming to work a burden for others. Leaders, boosting employee performance and productivity starts with you! Leaders, you have an obligation to confront those people not playing by the rules on behalf of those playing by the rules. Not responding is a response. Today’s most effective leaders have discovered how to confront problems with courage and confidence. This no-nonsense leadership program will address the many reasons why employees do not perform and offers leaders several options on how to get the productivity, cooperation and results you need without incurring resentment or damaging relationships.

Upon request, additional information on each of the training programs can be provided. Contact us today!

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