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 “John has a Midwestern folksy charm that allows him to cut through the formality of typical business jargon and instantly engage his audience.”

 – Jenny W., Northeast Iowa Area Community College


"I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for speaking at our event on Monday. You have an awesome stage presence and ability to relate to the audience. Your message needed to be heard by so many people in the room and it’s always more digestible when it comes from a third party instead of our organization."

Hannah H.

National Bank of Commerce


"John’s boot camp advice helps leaders find, develop and retain a productive work force that maximizes your profit in business.  He deals in the real world, dealing with real employees.  It’s apparent he is not offering advice to run a day-care center."

Sandy R.

Pipestone, Inc.


“John’s approach is direct and to the point.  There is no ambiguity.  All leaders can benefit from his ideas to get better, faster results from a company’s # 1 resource - their employees!”

JoAnne G.

Best Buy


"John can be very direct. How knows how to grab people’s attention.  He is not afraid to let people know that they are the problem versus blaming another employee."

Elaine O.

Preferred Sands


"Content is viable…relevant, engaging, meaningful, time tested and works with all generations."

Irene F.

Washington County


 “John’s tell-it-like-it-is approach to supervision training helps leaders understand as they help their employees succeed, employees will help their leaders succeed.” 

Trevor L.

Sunnyside Communities


"A perspective on management that uses the Golden Rule to help leaders get the training they typically do not get through their company."

Greta F.



 “The principles you’ll walk away with have been proven in real-world experience.  They're practical, and they come straight from the daily battles of working with employees and leaders”

Colton O.



 “Employees could care less how many years’ experience a leader professes to maintain; they could care less how many degrees a leader has achieved or even where they went to school.  Employees are most concerned about how much a leader cares about them.” 

Caitlin O.

Valent Bio Energy


 “Energy is contagious - info he brought to people was practical and easy to apply.  People left feeling enthusiastic and knowing how they can impact the work environment.”

Clarence Y.

Consolidated Grain & Barge


 “What a difference he made! It was lively, and everyone enjoyed it.  He left us wanting 1 more hour of his nuggets and wisdom.” 

Troy W.



 “John speaks right to the heart to supervisors and managers, showing not just the how’s but also the why’s that apply to all business environments.” 

Catherine G.

Dakota County


“John has taken common sense leadership principles and made them uncommonly practical, useful and life-changing.  His straightforward plain talk approach is refreshing. Even more admirable is that his advice is not a bunch of leadership fluff but solid and substantive.” 

James T.

Ridgeview Medical


 “John has a Midwestern folksy charm that allows him to cut through the formality of typical business jargon and instantly engage his audience.”

Jenny W.

Northeast Iowa Area Community College


"Offered simple tactics for improving employee performance without investing in systems or equipment."

Mike O.

Team Industries


 “Just what our people needed to hear and at the time they needed to hear it.  I am certain we can go back and apply what he taught us to improve our success.  Relevant and applicable!” 

GiGi S.

Northern Iowa Area Community College


 “John has made a name for himself for being blunt and says what everybody is already thinking but it was a little too scared to say.”

Lori H.

Team Industries


"A powerful message with a common sense, down-to-earth delivery that engages audiences and will impact productivity."

Hugh P.

Winnebago Industries


“Delivered in a way as though you were having a discussion over lunch.”

Shannon D.

Best Buy


 "Practical advice coupled with humor and real-life experiences.”

Austin T.

Schwartz Farms


"We complete a manager effectiveness survey twice annually, from the May 2021 survey to October 2021 survey (when we started working with you) our scores increased by 12% to the 93%! 93% is the highest we have ever scored since our division’s inception 7 years ago! The survey is completed by all employees with questions aimed to device the score based on how managers execute/impact employee work experience."

Michelle L.

United Health Care

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