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No-Nonsense Supervision Training

Supervision/management training seminars taught from a “Real World” perspective. Programs that address the problems today’s leaders face with clearly stated solutions so logical, you are bound to say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Throw out those self-help books written by professors who labeled themselves as “experts” yet they never have stepped out of the ivory tower into the real world.


Whether you’re new or experienced supervisor, each of our seminars engage attendees with simple, common-sense truths about people and everyday situations that are clear, logical and straightforward.

Some leadership programs like to complicate things just for the sake of justifying how much you paid for training. Others use complex theories and models that are impossible to apply to everyday situations. This is not what we do! We discuss real problems and real approaches that leaders on all levels can apply instantly.


“Energy is contagious! The info John brought to our people was practical and easy to apply. People left feeling enthusiastic and knowing how they can impact the work environment.” Susan Gardner, Operations Manager

Caution: While the concepts discussed in my programs may seem simple, they are packed with power. All generations from all work environments have gained actionable advice from a no-nonsense perspective to boost the productivity of their team and improve relationships in the workplace.

Training Classes

Graci Leadership Solution Virtual Meetings

Need help unlocking the full potential of your virtual meetings?


Leaders Are MADE,

Not Born!

What Your Employees Always Wanted to Tell You, 


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