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In-Person Training

Consistently Rated as a Top Speaker at Conferences! Energy is contagious-info he brought to people was practical and easy to apply. People left feeling enthusiastic and knowing they can impact the work environment.

Respect is Earned, Not Given

John Graci has been called The Travel Agent for Guilt Trips. Why? He tactfully gets leaders to look in the mirror and ask if they are part of the problem or solution. According to John, it is easy to say, “It’s hard to find good employees these days!” Well, it’s hard to find good leaders these days, too!


Respect is like a paycheck; it must be earned. So, while you can ask for and demand respect and trust, you will get neither without putting in the work to truly earn it. Respect, trust, and loyalty cannot be earned from sending an email or text. It is earned by the day-to-day conversations you have with your team members. Treat others the way you would like to be treated or the way you would want your son, daughter, niece, or nephew to be treated. If you want to be respected, then treat people with respect.


Today, organizations face heightened competition, challenges in retaining skilled employees, and disruptions from various sources. Demonstrating respect is the fuel for a leader and team to accomplish goals together. Many leaders know what needs to be done but lack the how and why it needs to be done that way.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions throughout the keynotes offer attendees another opportunity to discuss, reflect or act upon those themes John presented during his keynote in a more specialized setting. 

Improving Interdepartmental Communication

Do you hear your team members say:

  • "We must have had a miscommunication."

  • "When is management going to understand it's the real world down here?"

  • "We do all the work; he or she gets all the credit."

  • "Why are we just changing things up for change's sake? Never did it that way before."

Do you ever see situations where team members send out emails to everybody when only two people are really not following a policy or procedure?

See, these are all signs and symptoms of poor communication that will lead to a deterioration of relationships. And I can help. Too often, team members like to blame others, point the finger at others versus look in the proverbial mirror and ask, "What can I do differently?" This fast-paced, fun presentation is filled with unlimited takeaways to improve relationships and achieve results.

The Gray Zone: It's Not WHO is Right-but WHAT is Right in the Workplace 

We live in a culture where everything seems to be “either/or.” Us vs. them. For or against. My way or the highway. Division and confrontation seem to be occurring in every aspect of our lives. In the workplace, we experience these same functional divides: Sales vs. Service; Management vs. Workers; First Shift vs. Second shift; Baby Boomers vs. the Younger Generations. 

People live life in extremes, mostly because they just don’t know it any other way. There is no middle ground. They’re either all in, or they’re completely out. Either intentionally or unintentionally, we often see things in black and white, without much appreciation for “The Gray Zone.”

Through realistic, often humorous anecdotes, quips, witticisms and insights that every workplace, leader or direct contributor face, John Graci provides, with irresistible logic, “The Gray Zone” solutions that organizations need to improve relationships and achieve results.  

Relationships are built one conversation at a time. Good communication brings out the shades of gray from the polarized black and white. The everyday problems addressed in this presentation are real and clearly stated, the solutions so logical you will say to yourself, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” 

Making Change Happen!

Change is inevitable. Yet we dread it, resist it and do everything to prevent it. Upon communicating change to employees, did you ever hear: "When is management going to understand it is the real world down here?" How about, "If my boss would just get off my back and let me do my job, everything would be okay!" or, "Why can't they leave well enough alone?" Restoring productivity and profitability with employees hit by organizational change takes skills. Change damages trust level and drives morale south. You can’t afford to just sit back, let nature takes its course and hope everyone will get on board and eventually work together as an effective unit. The biggest mistake companies commit is doing nothing to help enhance change acceptance. This program has been designed to help attendees keep the workforce engaged and overcome employee resistance, so the organization can accelerate the entire change process.   

Good Leader, Bad Leader, How to be the Best…And Learn From the Worst

Business is about people! If a leader does not show up to work, how much of the work gets done? If employees do not show up to work, how much of the work gets done? Employees are an organization’s most valuable resource. Hang onto your hat! This program is not about warm fuzzies, no academic theories, just practical wisdom from the trenches helping employees on all levels understand how to work with a leader who shows signs of practicing management without a license. You want the truth? Well, can you handle the truth? Unless these conflicts are bridged, you put the productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization at risk in the form of poor morale and lower productivity.

The Perfect Storm: 5 Generations in the Workplace

Every generation has a valid point of view. It's not "out with the old, in with the new." It is about creating an environment where five generations can work side-by-side. This program has been designed to convey in practical terms an understanding of how organizations can identify and bridge the gaps that could have significant bottom line effects on business performance. The program illustrates who the generations are, why they clash, and what everyone can do to bridge the gaps. This fast paced and real-world program will create awareness, and offer practical solutions for solving the generational issues that plague today’s workplace and marketplace.

Plus Many More!



Leaders Are MADE,

Not Born!

What Your Employees Always Wanted to Tell You, 


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